28 June 2011

Mick Coogan of The Dance Party in J5

Mick Coogan, the lead singer of The Dance Party, came in today and was obsessed with wearing the Tito tee on the upcoming Warped Tour.  The band released their studio album Touch in 2010 and their music has been featured on "The Jersey Shore," "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "The Real World."

 For those of you new to The Dance Party, here's a little bit of YouTube action:

It's live and HD, which means if you squint enough, you can see MAN PORES. TMI for you? Listen to some samples on ye olde iTunes and here's a link to the Amazon samples or watch these three episodes featuring music from The Dance Party

Season 2 Episode 215 "It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer" featuring The Dance Party's "Sex Disco" and "Jenny, Wait"

Season 2 Episode 217 "Free Snooki" featuring The Dance Party's "Lipstick" and "A-List"

Season 2 Episode 218 "Drunk Punch Love" featuring The Dance Party's "Ultra Radical"

The Bump commands you!

Image c/o A Blog About Things

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