27 May 2011

J5 Collection Feature in Ammo Mag

Our friends at Ammo Mag just sent us some J5 love by way of their "Young  Americans" editorial. Check out the whole shoot here. (And guys, we have shirts in your actual size too.)

J5 In Japan

Super kyuuuuto Japanese magazine S Cawa recently featured a J5 Collection shout out in their editorial about, what else, L.A. chickas. So squint your eyes to oblivion and check out the girl on the right wearing a J5 t-shirt!

Or save a trip to the optometrist and have your eyeballs focus over here:

Images c/o S Cawa

AsIs | SLOW Event | 6/10

An Evening of Fashion, Music and YOU.

We have, once again, redefined our boundaries here at SLOW and are expanding our space to YOU. Come join us on Friday June 10th for the launch of our new store, AS IS, and an opening party for our Co-Op space, featuring SLOW Production, LaFine, TOXXY, Remix, and UNITED COUTURE.

store: AS IS - www.asisla.com

Nestled in the back of SLOW, our unique brick loft will feature industrial antique furnishings and home goods, Americana super vintage clothing and accessories for men and women, and collections from the clothing brand, AS IS.

store: SLOW Co-Op

SLOW Production: http://www.slow7474.com/
LaFine: www.lafineclothing.com
TOXXY: www.toxxy-designs.com
UNITED COUTURE: http://united-couture.com/

Sounds Provided by:

Atomic Mike (DJ of Playboy Golf)
DJ Barbie (Bardot)




WHEN: Friday June 10th, 7pm - 11pm
WHERE: 7474 Melrose Ave Los Angeles CA 90046

Music Festival Wear with J5

Now that Coachella has come and gone and the tickets have already gone on presale for NEXT YEAR, this hearkens a new era for music festivals. So,

Not just with a tent, lantern, and a Swiss army knife that you'll probably only use for the bottle opener and toothpick function, but with... BAND T-SHIRTS!!! And we're not the only ones calling this out, Topman has a little feature called, "Festival Shop." As we all know, things from Topman/Topshop fly off faster than Superman so just a few scragglers are left, but we've got our own list of things to complement, oh I dunno? Our J5 Collection gear?

(Maybe leave the fur hat at home for desert fests tho.)

Images c/o Appointment CityTelegraph UKSun Sentinel, Topman

Aztec Nails

No As Is outfit would be complete without some kickass Aztec nails- that's why I put some nail polish in the Polyvore (Hello-ooo!). Get ready to be mesmerized:

So these aren't Aztec nails, but have a heart! They're still awesome (and hunger-inducing):

Images c/o remagouyez, Boomnails, Wah-nails, Zebber, Three's a Party

Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

Opening October 2, 2011 and coming to the US November 9, 2011! Cirque du Soleil will be doing a world tour of their new show, Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour. Inspired by MJ's songs, the show will feature some crazy dance moves, Cirque du Soleil's trademark acrobatics, and stunning visuals. Check here for dates in your area.

Images c/o Shopping Blog, Montreal

Michael Jackson x Le Blog de Betty

Hello kids! I just wanted to introduce you to fellow Michael Jackson fan, Betty!! This hot French chick knows where it's at, mixing some MJ-inspired pieces with her own chic apparel for a Thrilling look . But I'm sure some zombies will power up their Macbooks to ogle her on her blog, Le Blog de Betty. We love her!

Images c/o Le Blog de Betty

19 May 2011

The T Top by AsIs

Inspired by... Kelly Osbourne in PRINCE PETER X MICK ROCK

Inspired by...

Now, we know that DJs have some pretty cool celeb friends, and Prince Peter is no exception. Katy Perry, Russel Brand, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, and Taylor Momsen are some of the lucky ones spotted in the PRINCE PETER X MICK ROCK WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT t-shirt. The exact one featured in our Polyvore* outfit inspired by homegirl Kelly Osbourne!

Awwww, look at our kitten laugh along with Mick Rock and Prince Peter!

* For those of you new to Polyvore, just click on the collage, scroll over any of the products you wanna see and click it to get to the website it's from!

Image c/o Guest of a Guest Photography, New York
Inspired by... by Connected


Images c/o Designboom, Adelaidenow, Thisblogrules, Graememitchell, Thewallpaperdb, Glamrockcouture, Coincidences, Listal, Fashionintel, Trendhunter, Mickrock, PRINCE PETER COLLECTION