27 May 2011

Music Festival Wear with J5

Now that Coachella has come and gone and the tickets have already gone on presale for NEXT YEAR, this hearkens a new era for music festivals. So,

Not just with a tent, lantern, and a Swiss army knife that you'll probably only use for the bottle opener and toothpick function, but with... BAND T-SHIRTS!!! And we're not the only ones calling this out, Topman has a little feature called, "Festival Shop." As we all know, things from Topman/Topshop fly off faster than Superman so just a few scragglers are left, but we've got our own list of things to complement, oh I dunno? Our J5 Collection gear?

(Maybe leave the fur hat at home for desert fests tho.)

Images c/o Appointment CityTelegraph UKSun Sentinel, Topman

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